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Do I have to manually calibrate my smart device?

The manual calibration process is required to enable Kevo's Inside-Outside security functionality. When enabled, the Inside-Outside sensor can help prevent your door from being unlocked by unauthorized users while your smart device is inside.

The manual calibration process, which enables the lock’s inside-outside sensor, is an important security measure; however, as with any radio-based technology, it should be noted that the accuracy and reliability of the Kevo lock’s Inside-Outside sensor cannot be guaranteed.  Users should not rely solely on the Kevo lock’s sensor for security purposes and should always use caution.  Weiser assumes no responsibility for incorrect results or damages resulting from the use of Kevo’s sensor.

Certain home configurations may impede Kevo’s sensor more than others.  Example: Your home office is located next to your entryway, and part of the office extends past the front door, jutting into the front yard. If your device is being actively used in that office extension, the Kevo lock’s sensor could possibly detect the device as being outside of your home while that device is in active use.


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