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How to enroll an additional Kevo fob

1.  Use a ballpoint pen or paperclip to press the enroll button on the new Kevo fob.  The Kevo fob's LED will begin to blink green.

2.  Push the Program button on the back panel.

3.  Hold the new Kevo fob close against the back of the panel. The Kevo fob’s LED will begin to blink faster.

4.  Once the Kevo fob’s LED turns solid green, the Kevo fob has been enrolled successfully. You can now calibrate the Kevo fob.  If the Kevo fob flashes red, try to enroll it again.  If it continues to flash red, call Kevo support.

If the calibration results in a red flashing light ring at the end of the third touch sequence, then a poor calibration was performed.  This could be due to where you are carrying your smart device/Kevo fob.  You can accept a poor calibration, however accepting a poor calibration is not advised and could cause Kevo to be susceptible to unauthorized operation while your smart device/Kevo fob is inside of your home.  If you continue to have calibration issues, call Kevo support.


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