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How do I send an eKey via the mobile app?

Note: To send an eKey in the app, you must be an Owner or Admin user of the desired lock.

1. Sign in to the app.
2. Tap the Menu icon > "Send an eKey" or tap the "+" on the lock information page.
3. Tap on "Lock" and choose the lock for which you would like to send an eKey.
4. You will be automatically redirected back to the "Send an eKey" screen. Tap "eKey type." Choose from the different eKey user types, and press "Select" at the bottom of the screen. Note: Admin eKeys will allow the user to send, disable and delete eKeys, but they cannot delete the Owner's eKey.
5. Tap "User" and select a user to send the eKey to, or tap the "+" symbol in the top right corner to add a recipient manually by entering their email address, or by selecting someone from your contacts. Once you've chosen a recipient, press OK.
6. If you want to rename the eKey, tap "Name the eKey" and give it a name. You can also include a message by tapping the "+" symbol next to "Add a message."
7. Finally, press "Send eKey." A confirmation screen will pop up. Press OK after you've verified the information. If you do not have any eKey credits, you will be prompted to purchase them at this point.

NOTE: When an eKey is purchased and sent, the credit is deducted from your Kevo account.  However, if the key is deleted before it is accepted by the recipient, the eKey credit will be refunded to your Kevo account.  Credits are not used when enabling a disabled eKey. 

Starting February 1st, 2017, Weiser will offer eKeys at no charge.  Please note that refunds are not available for eKeys purchased prior to February 1st, 2017.   


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