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How can I reset my Kevo?

If you wish to reset your Kevo, press and hold down the reset button for 10 seconds until the lock beeps and the lock face LEDs flash red.

Note: You will need to re-enroll your Owner phone and fobs, and you will need to resend eKeys to your Kevo users. Your eKeys never expire, so you will still be able to send them after a reset. 

Smart devices:

After a system reset, you will need to re-enroll and calibrate your Owner phone. You will still be able to send eKeys at no charge to anyone who previously  had an active eKey at the time of reset.


After a system reset, all fobs will need to be re-enrolled and calibrated.

  1. Press and release the fob’s enroll button. The fob’s LED will begin to blink green.

  2. Press and release the Program button

  3. Hold the fob close against the back panel. The fob’s LED will begin to blink faster. When it turns solid green, the fob is successfully enrolled.

  4. Bring your fob and standard key outside with you and test to make sure that Kevo is communicating with your fob to lock and unlock. If the fob will be used frequently in your Kevo system, it is highly recommended that you perform the calibration process for added security.


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