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Kevo Technical Bulletin: Touch Sensor (11/08/2013)

For a small number of purchasers, installation was not a success because Kevo’s “Touch to Open” feature did not function properly.  We have investigated and corrected the problem in our manufacturing operations for all units now shipping!
This issue was related solely to the initial set-up of a Kevo. If the touch to open feature of your Kevo is working (i.e. the Kevo ring lights up when lock is touched) you can be confident your unit was not affected by this issue and there is no need for action.
If you have not yet installed your Kevo and want to test to see if your product was affected by this issue, please follow these instructions: Touch To Sense Test.
If you are currently experiencing touch-to-open issues (i.e. the Kevo ring does not light up when the lock is touched, we are here to help!  Please contact our Kevo Support Team and we will be happy to assist you. 
Delivering great products that provide an outstanding customer experience is of the utmost importance to our company. We are committed to making sure that our Kevo product gives you the functionality and convenience you expect.


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