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Manual Calibration Tips and Tricks

During manual calibration, always make sure to stand at an extended arm’s reach from Kevo and make sure your phone or fob has a clear line of sight to your lock. For best results, calibrate your device while it is in the empty front pocket of your pants. If calibration is unsuccessful in this position, try the following or view our Calibration Tips and Tricks video above:
  • Try repositioning your device within your pocket
  • Take a step back or step to the side
  • Put your device in a different pocket (like your front shirt pocket)
  • Hold your device in front of your pocket
  • Turn slightly towards your door to give your device a more direct line of sight to your lock
  • If your entryway is at the top of a staircase, hold your device up so it aligns with the height of the lock
Do not attempt to manually calibrate your device directly next to the lock. Calibrating in this position can make the process even more difficult to obtain a calibration success. If you do complete calibration successfully in this close position, it will reduce your activation range and you will need to put your device directly next to Kevo when unlocking the door.

For additional information on calibration, please refer to our Calibration Commonly Asked Questions.


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