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When should I consider resetting my Kevo Contemporary?

You should consider resetting your Kevo Contemporary when a FOB is lost or stolen or when you want to set Kevo back to factory default settings. If you wish to perform a system reset, press and hold the “A” (System Reset) button on the back panel for 10 seconds until the lock beeps and the LEDs flash.

WARNING: Resetting your Kevo system will restore your lock to factory default settings and delete all smartphones and fobs from Kevo’s memory.

Phones: After a system reset, you will need to re-enroll and the paired phone becomes the new “Owner” of the lock. You will still be able to send eKeys to anyone who previously had an active eKey. reset.

Fobs: After a system reset, all fobs will need to be re-enrolled. Instructions for fob enrollment is available at: here


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