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Kevo Convert Firmware Update - August 2018

Kevo Convert is the smart lock conversion kit that uses your existing deadbolt and turns it into a smart lock. On the inside you get the performance of our Kevo lock technology, allowing you to control your door with your smart phone, and on the outside you keep the style and design of your existing door hardware. This week we’re introducing new Kevo Convert firmware to make your experience even better!

Faster Lock to Phone Communication

We started by improving the time it takes for Kevo Convert to synch with your smart phone. The initial connection that your lock makes with your phone is critical for reliable performance and we’re working hard to make it happen as quickly as possible. The initial synch is responsible for readying your app and lock to receive lock and unlock commands, and you’ll feel the performance increase we’ve built in to the new firmware.

More Reliability in Locking and Unlocking

This faster synch also allows us to extract more reliability from the electronics. This new firmware update provides more consistency when locking and unlocking your Kevo Convert with your smart phone. That means that as your lock moves between lock and unlock actions, the app will update faster and you’ll be more confident that your door is locked or unlocked.

Battery Life Impact

To make these improvements to Kevo Convert we’re pushing the hardware to poll at a higher frequency than in the older firmware version. The increased polling rate does have a minor impact on battery life, depending on how often you lock and unlock your door with the Kevo App. On average we expect users running the new firmware to replace batteries every 8-10 months.

Kevo Plus

For the best performance from our Kevo line of products we recommend using Kevo Plus. Kevo Plus connects your Kevo smart locks to your home WiFi, allowing you to lock and unlock your door from anywhere that you have an internet connection. Plus you’ll be able to monitor your lock status and receive lock and unlock alerts from anywhere, all through your smartphone.

If you’re a Kevo Convert user, please install this firmware update and enjoy the improved performance of your smart lock conversion kit. If you need any assistance from our team please call us:

US Support: 1-800-677-5625

Canada Support: 1-800-501-9471


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